We Design Fabric

Choose from many fabrics and design your. Create and print only the fabric you need with no minimum order.

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Submit a manufacturer to be featured with a free video and we'll send you a free sample to find our what you need.

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We carry an enormous inventory of all the things you need to complete your project: notions, patterns and trims.

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Considering the tremendous competition in the world rice market, We at The Amanat, always has a solution to take you a step further than your competitors. You can choose from a wide range of our distinctive services that guarantees you the leading edge in your race to success.


How we do it

Textile engages and catalyzes the textile industry across the supply chain through partnerships and collaborations, building knowledge and capacity to inform and educate. We further leverage our influence to create action, change and collective impact.

Textile inspires and equips people to accelerate sustainable practices in the textile value chain. We focus on minimizing the harmful impacts of the global textile industry and maximizing its positive effects.

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