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The Amanat offers total packaging solutions for our valued customers. We have a custom built facility to cater to the needs of our Private label customers

FFS Solution

Pillow, Stand-up, Brik-pack, Block bottom, Doy pack, Quattro etc.
with Nitrogen flush, Vacuum pack options,

Pre-Made Bags

Paper, Cotton, Jute, Polyethylene, re-sealable…etc.


500G, 1kg, 2kg, 5kg, 10 kg, 45kg…etc.
We can offer different master packaging and palletizing solutions as per customized needs.

Grading to Choice

We at The Amanat. understand the different demands of the different geographical

Quality Control

Nothing Left To Chance Stringent quality control is implied to make sure that

Private Label

The Amanat Produtos have developed most comprehensive infrastructure to cater the needs


The Amanat possesses efficient infrastructure for procurement, processing, quality control